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Welcome to SimuGro


SimuGro provides a total solution for all your controlled environment growing needs.

Fully integrating all essential agricultural elements of air, water, and lighting, while managing fish feed, plant nutrients, energy, and AI imagery. We do this using wireless decentralized modules to create customizable structures for all water-based aquaculture and greenhouses.

By implementing AI in the local hardware system modules, we can focus on risk mitigation predicting and preventing disastrous situations along with efficiency gains through smart management of manpower, energy, food/nutrition, maintenance schedules, and water to improve your ROI.

Our mission is to provide sustainable controlled ecosystems utilizing smart wireless technology to benefit, food producers, consumers, and the environment.

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Who We Are

SimuGro is composed by international multitalented group of enthusiastic minds from AI, electronics, light, software and aquaculture backgrounds, to provide a total solution for water-based agriculture ecosystem management.

What We Do

At SimuGro with TOTAL integration solutions in Smart Farming Technology, our target is to become the biggest growth driver in our industry sector. We have only just started! We know every product requires our hard-earned knowledge and innovative skills to implement, through dedication and an understanding of our customer’s insights and requirements.

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Let SimuGro take the Strain.


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All Videos
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OAS SimuGro Smart Farming System

OAS SimuGro Smart Farming System

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Agriblutec Co., Ltd.

B9, 8th Floor, No.25, Chenggong 2nd Road, Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

+886 7 269 3557

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